Special areas
  • Diaper areas. Diapers may cause blistering on the thighs and waist. Friction can be reduced by liberally applying Vaseline etc. Disposable diapers are preferred as they are better for keeping urine away from the wound. Some brands are supposedly softer than others. Some parents cut the elastic off the legs to reduce irritation, whilst others put fleece/ soft fabric at the waist and legs. Mepilex Lite®, Mepilex Transfer® is also useful but may be too costly due to the frequent need for changing.
  • Hands. The combination of Vaseline and soft mittens are often used. Although the fingers and toes are at risk for webbing/ curling, it is nearly impossible to wrap individual fingers in the newborn without actually causing more damage. The primary aim is to keep the thumb out from the palm; a ball of Vaseline gauze may be placed in the palm to protect it from the fingers when the baby makes fists.
  • Oral lesions. Mouthwash eg ‘magic mouthwash’ with viscous lignocaine, liquid diphenhydramine (Benadryl®), liquid aluminum hydroxide/ magnesium hydroxide (Maalox®) can be applied with spongesticks. In older children, they can be given as a swish for one minute and then spit out, once every four hours.
  • Eye lesions. Include blepharitis, conjunctival blisters, corneal ulcerations and scarring and obliterated tear ducts. These need specialist care.
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