Common questions
Is EB contagious?
No, it is a genetic condition and not caused by an infection. It cannot be caught by contact.

Do I need to use sterile saline?
No. Clean tap water (boiled then cooled) is sufficient at home.

What causes EB?
All forms of EB are genetic in origin. It has been estimated that 1 in 227 of us carry a defective gene that can cause EB. Key genes have been identified in most but not all subtypes.

Is there a cure for EB? No, although there is significant research going on. Some trials for specific subtypes are progressing at different speeds.

Is EB Inherited? In some cases, it is possible to determine if a fetus has EB at about 10 weeks into pregnancy, using amniocentesis (after 11th week) or chorionic villus sampling (as early as the 9th week).
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