Wound care Wound care aims to promote healing, to reduce the risk of infection and to minimize pain. Dressings help to maintain a clean environment and covering the wounds will allow the baby to be held, promoting bonding. read more
Preparation Note that whilst a sterile technique may be possible in a hospital environment, at home it is neither necessary nor practical – the accepted standard for EB dressings is cleanliness. read more
Bathing Depending on conditions, it is usually not necessary to have a full body bath every day. Instead, it can be performed every other day or sometimes Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday. read more
Removing previous dressings It may be helpful to deal with one limb at a time. Babies tend to struggle/ kick out, trying to hold bare limbs will lead to injury and bleeding. read more
Pain-free washing with saline. From Debra NZ, using a solution that matches body salt concentrations causes less disruption to cells and less stinging. Body temperature saline is ideal. read more
Drain blisters Small blisters may be managed with a layer or ointment or dressing if protection from further trauma is needed. read more
Cleanse skin/ wounds A mild non-perfumed product such as Cetaphil® or Dove® is fine. Rinse with water/ saline afterwards. If necessary pat dry, but do not rub. read more
Infected wounds Poor nutrition and anaemia reduces the resistance to infections, whilst some patients with severe EB may also have immunological defects. read more
Contact layer This layer is important in that it covers and protects the wound, but then you should be able to easily and safely remove it without causing trauma. read more
Special areas Diaper areas, Hands, Oral lesions, Eye lesions. read more
Clothing The aims are to avoid overheating/ keep cool with soft loose clothing. read more
Nutrition Calories are required for growth and development as well as wound healing. Lesions in and around the mouth may cause problems with feeding, in particular breast feeding. read more
Common questions Is EB contagious? Do I need to use sterile saline? What causes EB? Is there a cure for EB? Is EB Inherited? read more
Other information EB wound care videos – Stanford
Lorraine Spaulding basic are tips pdf
Debra international guidelines and from UK page
read more
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