EB wound care in Hong Kong The mainstay of EB care is meticulous daily wound and skin care.
Dressing regimes are very individualized. Many different ways work. One regime doesn’t fit all.
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Care of intact skin The formation of new blisters may be minimized with protective bandaging but never totally prevented. Freshly healed skin is more fragile and may benefit from a period of bandaging, which can then be slowly tailed off. However, keeping the skin cool is also important. read more
Infection Prevention of infection is much preferred to having to treat an established wound infection. read more
Itch Itching is a common but complex problem. It leads to scratching that releases chemicals such as histamine in the skin that further increases inflammation, and intensifies the itch. And so on. read more
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Wudy’s story
Beyond Words to Describe our Experience

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Married for seven years, long-awaited first-time mother when I thought I was happiest...
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